The Worldwide Cup (sometimes known as the Random Cup) is an international association football competition held annually in the Southern Arc Islands since 1986. The competition is associated with both FIFA and the WNFA, and is organized mainly by the Southern Arc Islands Football Association. All editions have been hosted by the Southern Arc Islands, and the Southern Arc Islands national football team has participated in all editions (winning numerous ones, most recently in 2015).

The defining characteristic of the tournament is that most of the teams participating in each edition (apart from the Southern Arc Islands national football team and occasional special invitees) are selected randomly from a "selection pool". This "selection pool" encompasses all FIFA member associations, as well as numerous other WNFA and non-FIFA teams (some of which have been specially invited with regards to charity events). Teams drawn from the "selection pool" are officially invited, and if they decline the invitation (this occasionally occurs when a team is otherwise occupied) another team is drawn. Some (mainly larger) nations, when selected, have occasionally also opted to send reserve or youth teams, and sometimes this is specially organized (for example, at the 2014 Worldwide Cup).

The Worldwide Cup is associated with developing football in small nations (like the WNFA and WFC) (though larger teams do have an equally large chance to participate, unlike with the WFC), and also with charities.

The Worldwide Cup usually, though not always, has eight participating teams.

In 2015, a club tournament with a similar system to the Worldwide Cup was created, the Worldwide Club Cup.