The Whitworth Shield is the super cup of the Southern Arc Islands Football Association. It is held between the winners of the previous year's First Division and Grand Football Cup; or, if these were won by the same team, between the winner and runner-up of the First Division. It is named after Henry Whitworth, who coached FC Arc City from 1961 to 1970 and was thereby the first professional football coach of the Southern Arc Islands.

The Whitworth Shield has been held since 2004, two years after Henry Whitworth's death in 2002.



Cup winners marked with * were actually league runners-up in years in which the league and cup were won by the same team.

Year League winner Score Cup winner
2013 Arc City Central FC 2–4 FC Liedho
2014 Arc City Central FC 2–0 Pinehaven Rangers*
2015 New Cardiff United 1–2 FC Harbour
2016 Arc City Central FC 1–1
5-4 pp.
Arc City University FC