The Togar family is a family in the Southern Arc Islands (primarily residing in Arc City). The family is of mixed American and Orova descent.

It is best known for its sporters (mainly field athletics). Currently, the Togar family's most notable sportspeople, who were to compete at the cancelled 2013 IWO Games (see also here) are amongst the children of Nelson Togar (four sons, three daughters): Warren Togar, who was to compete in discus throw and javelin throw; Samuel Togar, who was to compete in shot put and discus throw; Smith Togar, who was to compete in javelin throw and hammer throw; and Robert Togar, who was to compete in hammer throw and shot put. Their cousin Thomas Togar was to compete in all four disciplines. Several of Nelson Togar's daughters were also going to be participating: Joanne Togar was to compete in the previously mentioned four disciplines and Louise Togar was to compete in discus throw and high jump. The remaining daughter, Sophia Togar, was not to compete at the IWO Games and is the CEO of a restaurant in Arc City.

The cancellation of most of the 2013 IWO Games meant the Togar family could not participate; however, when the 2014 Throwing Sports Tournament was held in Brunant, the Togar family members competed, in the sports they had been set to compete in in the 2013 IWO Games. The family gathered many medals: Samuel won the bronze medal at men's discus throw, Warren gold at men's discus throw and javelin throw, Joanne gold at women's hammer throw and bronze at women's discus throw and javelin throw, Robert bronze at men's shot put, Louise silver at women's discus throw, Smith silver at men's hammer throw and Thomas silver at men's shot put.

The Togar family are related to the well-known Sheraldin family through marriage: Lucas Sheraldin (brother of Victor Sheraldin, incumbent president of the Southern Arc Islands) married Isobel Sheraldin-Togar (nee Togar) (sister of Nelson Togar).

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