The Southern Arc Islands national under-20 football team is the under-20 representative football team of the Southern Arc Islands. It is managed by the Southern Arc Islands Football Association. A few of the players also play for the senior Southern Arc Islands national football team.

Current squadEdit

No. Player Birth Position Club
2 Albert de Roos 2 April 1996 Defender SouthernArcIslandFlag Arc City University FC
4 Ojor Sääter 29 January 1996 Defender SouthernArcIslandFlag Cardiff Orova FC
6 Kalik Westson 16 August 1995 Midfielder SouthernArcIslandFlag NSYTC
9 Victor Redford 1 December 1995 Forward Flag of Kemburg UOK FC
10 Walter Oostman 19 December 1995 Forward Flag of Brunant Dinamo Drenthe 69
11 Andy Inituk 11 March 1996 Forward SouthernArcIslandFlag NSYTC