The Southern Arc Islands national football team represent the Southern Arc Islands in international association football. Its football association is the Southern Arc Islands Football Association, and it is a member of FIFA and CONCACAF. The squad currently includes two members of the Sheraldin family, Sheraldos and Tim Lee Sheraldin. The team's captain is Simon Daroka, and their starting goalkeeper is George Beston. The team is nicknamed the Thunderers.

Southern Arc company Field King manufactures the team's kits and gear. The main colours of the team are dark blue and yellow.

The team participates annually in the Worldwide Cup, as well as WNFA competitions, like the World Football Championship (WFC).

The team uses a variety of stadiums; currently, the most frequently used is the Arc City Central Stadium in Arc City.

Current squadEdit

This squad appeared at the 2015 Worldwide Cup.

No. Player Birth Position Club
1 George Beston 15 July 1989 Goalkeeper SouthernArcIslandFlag New Cardiff United
2 Kurt Igensonn 18 December 1984 Defender SouthernArcIslandFlag Pinehaven Rangers
3 Peter Johnson-Smith 4 June 1991 Defender Flag of Brunant Grijzestad University S.C.
4 Tim Lee Sheraldin 21 March 1992 Defender SouthernArcIslandFlag East Side Sparks
5 Ivan Rodozov 28 March 1990 Midfielder SouthernArcIslandFlag FC Liedho
6 Excellent Uhura 11 August 1989 Midfielder SouthernArcIslandFlag FC Harbour
7 Simon Daroka 27 December 1989 Midfielder Flag of Brunant Grijzestad University S.C.
8 Neil Haven 8 October 1992 Winger (MF/FW) SouthernArcIslandFlag FC Westpoint
9 Milo Gotze 7 March 1989 Winger (MF/FW) SouthernArcIslandFlag New Cardiff United
10 Paul Osgas 13 September 1988 Forward SouthernArcIslandFlag Pinehaven Rangers
11 Sheraldos 1 June 1990 Forward SouthernArcIslandFlag Arc City Central FC
12 Andrew John Smith 10 April 1991 Goalkeeper SouthernArcIslandFlag Pinehaven Rangers
13 Paul Vaart 30 August 1985 Defender SouthernArcIslandFlag Quartz Forest FC
14 Sudhir Varian 26 January 1994 Forward SouthernArcIslandFlag New Cardiff United
15 Jerome Hobson 3 January 1993 Defender SouthernArcIslandFlag Refugees' FC
16 Nigan Notaaq 23 April 1989 Midfielder SouthernArcIslandFlag Cardiff Orova FC
17 Victor Lekorsky 17 September 1994 Midfielder SouthernArcIslandFlag New Cardiff United
18 Edward Bishop 14 May 1993 Forward Flag of Libertas FC Warmhoven
19 Ian Anave-Johnson 19 March 1991 Defender Flag of Inselöarna Eldby Sportklubb
20 Dennis Dragan 5 April 1983 Forward SouthernArcIslandFlag Red Stars United
21 Gibalt Hergesonn 22 June 1987 Midfielder SouthernArcIslandFlag Arc City Central FC
22 Michael Ŋaasojak 13 July 1987 Goalkeeper SouthernArcIslandFlag Cardiff Orova FC
23 Victor Redford 1 December 1995 Forward Flag of Kemburg UOK FC

Martin Finnarsson was originally in the squad for the 2015 Worldwide Cup, but had to pull out due to an injury and was replaced by Gibalt Hergesonn.

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