Sheraldos in 2015.

José Paõlo de Figuero Sheraldin (born 1st June 1990, Arc City), better known as Sheraldos, is a Southern Arc footballer, who plays for the Southern Arc Islands national football team and Arc City Central FC.

Born to a Southern Arc (Sheraldin family) father, Oscar Sheraldin; and a Brazilian mother, Cristina de Figuero, Sheraldos spent several periods of his youth in Belo Horizonte in Brazil (where some of his relatives live). In 2009, he also trained with the youth academies of major Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro. During this period, he also gained his Brazilian-style nickname, Sheraldos. In 2011 he was officially signed by Arc City Central FC, after having been with their side/feeder clubs for a while.

Since 2012, he has been a member of the Southern Arc Islands national football team, where he has been a proficient goalscorer.

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