The Sheraldin family is a major family in the Southern Arc Islands and the IWO. Members of the family have widely varying notable occupations, from politicians to sportspeople. The family is of mixed (mainly British) descent, and first moved to the Southern Arc Islands, where they are most notable; in fact, the current President of the Southern Arc Islands, Victor Sheraldin, is a member of the family. Members of the family have also moved to numerous other wikinations, including Lovia (link), Brunant (link), the Harvian Islands (link) and Pintona (link).

One branch of the family is related to the Royal family of Brunant (and by extension many of the wikinational royal families) through Martin Samuel Sheraldin's wife Olivia Sheraldin-Hale, who is descended from John Cristian Singer, illegimate son of Cristian I of Brunant. The family is also related to the Togar family and Vincent Ndengu's family by marriage.

Family treeEdit

      • David Henry Sheraldin (1908-1998)
      • William Albert Sheraldin (1912-1991)
        • Patrick Thomas Sheraldin (b. 1946) x Isabella Sheraldin-Giulo (1948-1993) (see also Giulo family)
          • Nero Sheraldin-Giulo (1968-1993)
          • Augustus Sheraldin-Giulo (b. 1970) x Martha Sheraldin-Black (b. 1975)
            • Gabriel Sheraldin (b. 2001)
          • Magnus Sheraldin-Giulo (1973-1993)
          • Victoria Sheraldin-Giulo (1974-1993)
        • /Timothy Oliver Sheraldin (b. 1947)/
      • Henry James Sheraldin (1914-2001) x Antoinette Sheraldin-Warren (1918-1990)
        • Rupert Sheraldin (1938-1990)