Quartz Forest FC is a football club which is based in both Liedho and Quartztown, with stadiums in both towns. The current manager of the team is Henry Milner.

Current squadEdit

No. Nation Position Player
1 SouthernArcIslandFlag GK Daniel King
2 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Rido Ansing
3 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Paul Vaart
4 Flag of Latvia DF Ivars Cešis
5 Flag of England MF Simon Redford
6 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Timo Anesic
7 Flag of Lithuania MF Vyto Cautas
8 Flag of Vietnam MF Nguyen Quang Vinh (C)
9 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Dennis Rutherford
10 Flag of Vietnam FW Tran Cong Hoang
11 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Levi Cerzev

Notable former playersEdit