The Pinehaven Rangers are a football club based in Pinehaven. The club plays at the Pinehaven Stadium in Downtown Pinehaven.

The team was founded in 1971. In 1973 it became the second Southern Arc club in the North American Soccer League, after FC Arc City. In 1978, Pinehaven Rangers, along with FC Arc City, left the NASL to join the newly founded Southern Arc Islands Football League.

Current squadEdit

No. Nation Position Player
1 SouthernArcIslandFlag GK Andrew John Smith
2 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Kurt Igensonn (C)
3 Flag of Spain DF Rafael da Carta
4 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Gino Inaate
5 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Johannes van Veldt
6 Flag of the Faroe Islands MF Sigmund Pol Fjorinn
7 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Nathaniel van Veldt (VC)
8 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Avat Eqenua
9 Flag of Denmark FW Johann Schull
10 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Paul Osgas
11 Flag of Scotland FW Anthony Carmichael
12 SouthernArcIslandFlag GK Brian Jefferson
13 Flag of Canada FW David Preston
15 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Edmund Kielstrup
16 Flag of Sweden MF Lukas Olofsson
18 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Mike Otöösar

Notable former playersEdit