Peter Johnson-Smith

Peter Johnson-Smith in 2015.

Peter Johnson-Smith (born 4th June 1991, Coppercliff) is a Southern Arc Islands footballer who currently plays for Grijzestad University S.C. in Brunant, and the Southern Arc Islands national football team, as a defender.

Johnson-Smith began his footballing career in mid-2009 at the youth squad of Copper Island FC. He was quickly recognized as a good player, and was moved to their main squad in early 2010. He continued to develop, and was bought in early 2012 by New Cardiff United. Though he performed well, Johnson-Smith was not quite able to break into the starting eleven at the club, and his progress was hindered by injuries and reported issues with the club management and fellow players. In late 2013, Johnson-Smith broke his leg, which prevented him from playing for several months, and New Cardiff United decided not to renew his contract, leaving him a free agent for the 2014 season. Johnson-Smith remained a free agent for most of the year, until he was signed by Grijzestad University S.C. from Brunant in October.

Johnson-Smith was first called up to the Southern Arc Islands national football team in early 2013. Unlike at New Cardiff United, he was able to establish himself quickly with the national team, and began to be a regular starting player beginning with the 2013 Worldwide Cup.

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