Paul Osgas

Paul Osgas in 2015.

Paul Osgas (born 13th September 1988, Pinehaven) is a Southern Arc Islands footballer who currently plays for Pinehaven Rangers and the Southern Arc Islands national football team as a forward.

Osgas began his footballing career at local club Mornvick Athletic in early 2007, where he quickly developed and became a proficient goalscorer. In early 2008, he was bought by FC Harbour. At FC Harbour, Osgas would continue to play well and develop. In 2009, Osgas was the top goalscorer of the Second Division, and FC Harbour won the 2009 Second Division. He was then bought by Pinehaven Rangers, where he has played since. At Pinehaven Rangers, Osgas has become one of the most prominent strikers in the First Division of the Southern Arc Islands Football League, and a key player for that team.

Osgas made his first appearance for the Southern Arc Islands national football team in late 2007, though he scored his first goal in 2008 and did not become a regular player until 2009. On the international stage, Osgas has not quite matched his league performances, being somewhat overshadowed by other forwards such as Dennis Dragan and later Sheraldos; but, nonetheless, he is a consistent goalscorer and a valuable player for the national team.

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