John-Joe Lakkaati.

John-Joe "Seal-Hunter" Ussukaannu Lakkaati (Orova: Čäänčöö "Tokkaru" Ussukaannu Lakkaati, IPA: /tʂæ̀:ntʂǿ: tʰók:ɒru ùs:ukɒ́:n:u lɒ́k:ɒ:ti/) (born 18th March 1979) is an Southern Arc politician who was the leader of the Centre-Right Party from 2014 to 2016. Lakkaati is of Orova origins.

Lakkaati first joined politics in 2012 with the CRP. He was placed 14th on the party list in the 2013 general elections; the party won 15 seats, and Lakaati was thus elected to the Second Chamber. In 2014, he unexpectedly entered the CRP leadership election, and even more unexpectedly defeated both the incumbent leader Thurston Roberts and the initial challenger Bob Bowden; he thereby became the first Orova ever to lead the Centre-Right Party.

Lakkaati was able to increase the CRP's popularity with Orova voters, but at the 2015 general elections the party's overall vote fell, leaving the party with only 11 seats, their lowest total in over a decade. This caused discontent within the party, and in 2016 another party leadership election was triggered after Roberts challenged Lakkaati to return to the leadership. A second challenger, Christine Fletcher, emerged victorious and succeeded Lakkaati as leader of the CRP.