FC Pacifica is a football club based in Pacific Park, Arc City. Their home stadium is the Pacific Park Stadium.

Since 2011, FC Pacifica has official partnerships with the football clubs FC Port Vanuatu and FC Port Palau from Patriam.

Current squadEdit

No. Nation Position Player
1 Flag of Samoa GK Fasu Kosuva
2 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Fusa Ne'soma
3 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Peter Eastwood
4 Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia DF Evu Negosi
5 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Sam Forua
6 Flag of Fiji MF Nosu Naqelesu
7 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Joshua Venge
8 Flag of the Cook Islands MF Tane Manutori
9 Flag of New Caledonia FW Pierre Rodes
10 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Diro Johns
11 Flag of Vanuatu FW Victor Vanudo (C)

Notable former playersEdit