FC Liedho is a football club based in Liedho, in Lithuania Town. The current manager of the team is Uelliam.

FC Liedho was founded in 1979.

Current squadEdit

No. Nation Position Player
1 Flag of Russia GK Igor Goratev
2 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Jonathan Gudaris
3 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Randall Overton
4 Flag of Lithuania DF Mykolas Sikorskis
5 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Ivan Rodozov (C)
6 Flag of Lithuania MF Evaldas Vainoras
7 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Abdul Qosimov
8 Flag of Uzbekistan MF Sanzhar Abrakholiqov
9 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Edvinas Bushmin
10 Flag of Russia FW Viktor Aturanev
11 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Warren Edgewell
12 SouthernArcIslandFlag GK David Saar
13 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Alex Wilkinson
14 Flag of Brazil MF Veve

Notable former playersEdit


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