FC Arc City was a football club based in Arc City, in the Eastton Quarter, which was active from 1931 until 1987.

The team was founded in 1931 as the second football club of the Southern Arc Islands, after New Cardiff-based New Cardiff F.C.. In 1961, FC Arc City became the first professional football club in the Southern Arc Islands when it joined the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League, though this league folded five years later. In 1967 FC Arc City played in the National Professional Soccer League and in 1968 it became one of the inaugural teams of the North American Soccer League.

In 1977 the Southern Arc Islands gained independence, and soon after the Southern Arc Islands Football League was created. In 1978, FC Arc City left the NASL to play in the inaugural season of the SAIFL. For the next few years, with Oliver Simmons as manager, FC Arc City were one of the dominant teams in the SAIFL, but by the mid-1980's they were struggling financially, and were relegated in 1986 to the inaugural Second Division. By 1987, the club's financial problems forced it to dissolve, so the team merged with Downtown Arc City-based amateur football club Downtown F.C., forming Arc City Central FC.

The new Arc City Central FC used Downtown F.C.'s grounds, so the original grounds of FC Arc City were abandoned; however, they later became the grounds of East Side Sparks.

Notable former playersEdit