The Eastton Open is a singles tennis competition which has been held annually at the Eastton Tennis Complex in the Eastton Quarter, Eastton District, Arc City, since 1995. There are both men's and women's competitions each year.

The Eastton Open is the largest-scale singles tennis competition in the Southern Arc Islands, and is considered one of the most major, if not the most major, singles tennis competition in the entire IWO, along with the Brunant Open in Brunant.

The current men's champion is Andrew Nepal, from the Southern Arc Islands.


Men's winners and runners-upEdit


Year Winner Runner-up
2009 SouthernArcIslandFlag Nigel Morrison SouthernArcIslandFlag Andrew Nepal
2010 SouthernArcIslandFlag Andrew Nepal Flag of Croatia Ivan Ljubičić
2011 Flag of Canada Milos Raonic SouthernArcIslandFlag Nigel Morrison
2012 Flag of Latvia Ernests Gulbis SouthernArcIslandFlag Andrew Nepal
2013 SouthernArcIslandFlag Andrew Nepal SouthernArcIslandFlag Lester Caine
2014 Flag of Uzbekistan Denis Istomin Flag of the Dominican Republic Víctor Estrella Burgos
2015 SouthernArcIslandFlag Andrew Nepal Flag of Luxembourg Gilles Müller