Districts of the Southern Arc Islands

The current districts of the Southern Arc Islands.

A district is one of the levels of subdivisions (administrative divisions) of the Southern Arc Islands. Each district is an electorate and contributes some politicians/senators for the First Chamber. Most districts have one senator, however, several districts are subdivided into subdistricts, each of which provides one senator: Arc City District into five, New Cardiff District into three, and the rest of the independent cities into two each.

8 cities (known as independent cities) have their own districts. In addition, Arc Island and Grand Island are subdivided into three and nine non-independent city districts, respectively. Each of the smaller 30 islands is their own district (excluding city districts). In total, there are 48 districts in the Southern Arc Islands.

Prior to the 1985 electoral reform, there were 25 districts, with no distinction for independent cities or subdistricts.

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