Arc City Central FC is a football club based in (central) Arc City. The club plays at the Arc City Central Stadium in Downtown Arc City.

The team's colours are gold and white, and its kits and gear are manufactured by Field King.

The club was founded in 1987, from a merger of the financially-stricken FC Arc City and amateur club Downtown F.C..

Current squadEdit

No. Nation Position Player
1 Flag of Canada GK Mark Forian
2 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Tim Hoverson
3 Flag of the United States DF Rob McCole
4 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Vasyl Dolmetsky
5 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Gibalt Hergesonn
6 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Harry S. Smith
7 SouthernArcIslandFlag MF Quentin Lancewood
8 Flag of England MF John Paul Blue
9 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Gideon Larrow
10 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Kenzo Schis
11 SouthernArcIslandFlag FW Sheraldos

Notable former playersEdit

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