Arc City is the capital and largest city of the Southern Arc Islands. It has a population of 442'091. It lies on Arc Island. In the city is the Arc Peninsula, which is covered by Peninsula Park, one of the largest and best-known parks in the nation; and some of the Embassy District, which holds most of the nation's embassies (mainly minor nations, since major nations already had embassies, though a few new nations were formed after the construction of the district and thus have embassies outside the district). There are many other interesting places, including Lake Sivoy and Sivoy Island, the Government District, the Scandinavian Districts (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Faroe, Aland) and the Botanical Gardens. At Sivoy Square is the Southern Arc Islands's largest stock exchange, the Sivoy Square Stock Exchange. There are a number of slums/poorer areas as well, like Pacific Park.

Arc City lies at the confluence of two rivers (the Arcshine River and the Sivoy River) close to the sea. At their point of confluence is Lake Sivoy, just east of the central part of the city (the Old District). In Lake Sivoy is Sivoy Island. There are a number of islands upstream on the Sivoy River as well, such as the islands in the Scandinavian Districts.

On the outskirts of the city there are several villages, such as Renton and Northchurch, which were once separate settlements but have since become part of the Arc City metropolitan area.

Arc City has its own independent city district, the Arc City District. It is subdivided into five subdistricts.

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Arc Island Forests Northchurch
Renton Battleby Oak Source
Industrial District and Harbour Old District Eastton Wells

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